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The Coming G20 Riots & the Spread of Mob Rule
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My syndicated column today continues the theme I blogged about two days ago in the “Rule of the Mob” post. Keep an eye on next week’s G20 summit in London. Thousands of anti-capitalism zealots will be amassing there to intimidate and harass bankers. The vandalizing of the Scottish ex-banking executive’s home in Edinburgh is just a prelude. The protests are slated to start tomorrow and last all week; President Obama leaves for the summit on Tuesday. The images above are graphics and posters being disseminated online by protest organizers.

The anarchists are reportedly using Google Streetview and Twitter to organize riots, hang businessmen in effigy at the behest of a university professor known as “Mr. Mayhem,” call for guillotining bank execs, and — get this — target London firms that fail to turn off their lights to commemorate that moronic “Earth Hour” event I wrote about earlier this week. If shops don’t worship at the altar of environmentalism, they will be broken into:

Sir Paul Stephenson said ‘old faces’ from British protest groups – thought to be behind earlier anti-globalisation riots – were also expected in London. Activists have dubbed April 1 Financial Fools Day and are planning to march on the Bank of England, the European Climate Exchange in Bishopsgate and the U.S. embassy. At least 2,000 demonstrators are expected. The first demonstration in London will come tomorrow with ‘Earth Hour’ – targeting City firms that fail to turn off their lights by 8.30pm. Organisers say every office block in London with lights on will be fair game and have warned that they are prepared to break in and put the lights out themselves. The protest group Climate Camp has already released a map of potential targets in the City for its demonstration on April 1, including the Royal Bank of Scotland, carbon offset and trading companies and ‘green-washing’ PR firms.

Think this madness couldn’t happen here? Think again.


The new vigilantes and their unaccountable enablers

by Michelle Malkin

Creators Syndicate

Copyright 2009

If you think there are no consequences to hysterical, anti-corporate grandstanding in Washington, pay attention to what’s happening across the pond: “This is just the beginning.”

So warned a public letter signed this week by a vigilante group called “Bank Bosses are Criminals.” The thugs claimed responsibility for vandalizing a former financial executive’s home and car in Edinburgh, Scotland. The bank official, Sir Fred Goodwin, was excoriated by U.K. politicians for refusing to give up company pension benefits dubbed “obscene,” “grotesque,” “unjustifiable and unacceptable.” The vigilantes were stoked by a former newspaper editor, one Max Hastings, who wrote a diatribe exhorting citizens to violence:

“The time has come to address the entire robber banker culture. Investment banks have been run not for the benefit of society, customers, or even shareholders, but exclusively for the advantage of the bankers themselves…This is why we must stand outside their homes throwing rocks through the windows until they do.”

This is no marginal movement. Some 3,000 protesters from around the world are expected to wreak havoc on the G20 summit next week in London. What happened at Sir Fred’s house is a mere dress rehearsal. Bankers are being told to dress down to disguise themselves and avoid becoming riot targets.

Demonstrators are threatening to hang effigies. Protest organizer and university professor Chris Knight vowed worse: “We are going to be hanging a lot of people like Fred the Shred from lampposts on April Fool’s Day and I can only say let’s hope they are just effigies. To be honest, if he winds us up any more I’m afraid there will be real bankers hanging from lampposts and let’s hope that that doesn’t actually have to happen.”

How soon before we see this same kind of anarchic domestic terrorism on this side of the Atlantic? It’s already here.

Animal rights’ terrorists have firebombed researchers’ homes and Molotov cocktail-bombed their cars and been convicted of inciting threats, harassment, and vandalism against employees of a private company engaged in animal research.

Environmental terrorists have set developments on fire.

Anti-globalization anarchists in Seattle caused $2.5 million in damage to stores and downtown businesses in 1999.

Self-proclaimed “bank terrorist” Bruce Marks of the government-supported Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, whom I reported on last March, has been threatening bank employees in their homes and harassing their children for years.

And last weekend, of course, the radical ACORN mob and its corporate shakedown allies chartered a bus — with twice as many outrage-stoking MSM photographers in tow — to menace AIG executives in their homes.

Democratic Rep. Barney Frank shrugged off testimony from AIG president Edward Liddy concerning death threats leveled against the company’s employees. GOP Sen. Charles Grassley recklessly called on executives who accepted retention bonuses to commit hari kiri. Left-wing billionaire George Soros’s ground troops in the ANSWER coalition waved signs decrying, “CAPITALISM IS ORGANIZED CRIME! STOP AIG!” And 85 House Republicans, led by Minority Whip Eric Cantor, abetted the demagoguery by voting for the 90 percent retroactive bonus tax.

Pundits on both sides of the aisle demonized the business people whose sin was continuing to work for a company that accepted taxpayer funding from Chicken Littles in Washington who forked it over in a blind frenzy. Washington scribe Mort Kondrake joked about boiling the execs in oil. But the families who received the following threats through AIG’s website can’t afford to be so glib. Among the vile messages disclosed this week in response to a Freedom of Information Act request by NBC Connecticut and Hearst Newspapers:

— All you motherf***ers should be shot. Thanks for f***ing up our economy then taking our money.

— I don’t hope that bad things happen to the recipients of those bonuses. I really hope that bad things happen to the children and grandchildren of them! Whatever hurts them the most!!

— If the bonuses don’t stop, it will be very likely that every CEO @ AIG has a bulls-eye on their backs.

— We will hunt you down. Every last penny. We will hunt your children and we will hunt your conscience. We will do whatever we can to get those people getting the bonuses. Give back the money or kill yourselves.

— All the executives and their families should be executed with piano wire around their necks — my greatest hope.

— Watch your backs because someone will come to get you, you can be sure.

Federal authorities are investigating and will take action against warped vigilantes. But when will the enablers on the Hill, in newsrooms, and on TV sets be held to account?

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)