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Tea Party Update: Revolution Is Brewing
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Eric Odom reports that there are now 115 cities signed up for the April 15 nationwide Tax Day Tea Party protest. Wow. If you haven’t signed up, want to start your own, and are looking to meet up and organize with other tax revolters, go to Tax Day Tea Party’s website here.

Here’s a quick how-to guide.

#dontgo has opened up a Tax Day Tea Party store. Buy some swag, share with friends, spread the word.

Stay tuned to the Fresh Tea blog, where you can meet organizers from across the country. Check in with TCOT Report and Smart Girl Politics for more grass-roots organizing.

(On a parallel track, fellow Fox News colleague Glenn Beck has spearheaded “We Surround Them” parties scheduled across the country today. I’m hearing from lots of first-time activists who have found overlapping networks. The same principles that unite the “We Surround Them” effort also are in sync with the tax revolters. Synergy is good. We need every body and mind in motion we can get.)

In the meantime, other local Tea Party events keep rolling on.

*Reader Stan e-mails photos from Columbia, MO’s protest today:

*A small, but intrepid band of Tea Party attendees in Rochester NY dropped tea in the Gennessee River. Hope the enviros don’t go after them. Local TV report here. Flickr set here. Blog coverage here.

*There’s a Columbus OH Tea Party, Saturday March 14th at 11 AM at the Statehouse. More info here.

*Check it out: Cincinnati Tea Party on March 15 looks like it will be huge.

Date: March 15, 2009

Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm

Location: Fountain Square Cincinnati (corner of 5th and Vine streets)

Committed Attendees: 5166 (as of 3/11/2009 – 9:30pm)

*There’s a Club Cobra 50-state Tea Party Road Rally call for volunteers.

*Reader Chris from Alabama e-mails: “Sat. the 28th of March at the Rhodes Ferry Park (River Park) in downtown Decatur, Al at twelve noon. We are inviting every politician we can to come and the people speak. So far everyone I have had any contact has fast talked there way around the event. They appear not to won’t to hear what the real people have to say about Obama’s Tax & Spend policies.”

*There’s planning underway for a San Francisco Tea Party April 1.

*A reader e-mails that Wilmington NC will be holding a Tea Party protest April 7th at 5:30pm in downtown in front of the Federal building next to the Cape Fear River.

*Jane Q Republican sends her new photoshop poster pounding the generational theft theme:

*Reader Susan from Montana e-mails: “The citizens of the Flathead Valley are going to have a tea party in Kalispell MT on April 4 at Depot Park from Noon to 2 PM.”

*Reader Brenda e-mails: “Orlando FL will hold a Tea Party March 21 12-2 PM at our downtown Lake Eola. With the help of our local talk show host, Bud Hedinger, the response has been overwhelming.

The web site is”

*Robert Mayer e-mails:


WHO: Tucson Taxpayer Tea Party

WHAT: Protest against trillions of dollars in government spending

WHERE: Downtown Tucson, in front of the Joel D. Valdez Main Library on 101 N. Stone Ave.

When: April 15, 2009. 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.


WHO: Phoenix Taxpayer Tea Party

WHAT: Protest against trillions of dollars in government spending

WHERE: AZ State Capitol Building

When: April 15, 2009 at 6:00pm

*Tennessee will hold Tea Party events on Tax Day in all 95 counties.

*Annapolis MD Facebook Tea Party page is here. If you want to join the Salisbury MD protest, e-mail [email protected]

*From SouperMom, make your own Tea Party handouts.

*Reader John L. sends photos from a friend at the Philly Tea Party.

*San Diego: April 11th 11:00 am – Noon Spanish Landing Park.

What kind of conservative are you: Tea Party conservative or Dinner Party conservative?

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