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Tea Party On: Taxpayer Revolts in Green Bay, Lafayette, Olathe, and Harrisburg; Plus: Live from Fullerton CA... "Recall the Taxinator!;" Arnie Videotapes/DVDs Smashes/Shredded
Feel the dissent!
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The tax-paying rebels are not going away.

In Green Bay, Wisconsin, today an estimated 500 protesters gathered for a Tea Party at Titletown Brewing. Reader David has more at Pork Revolution:

Green Bay reader Natalie was also there. She e-mails a few more photos and a note:

Dear Michelle,

There were families there, big tough guys in their local union# jacket, young college age people, grandparents, single people, everyone was represented, everyone was middle-class. It was great to see and also, to KNOW that for every person who showed up at this Tea Party, there were probably 500 that couldn’t make it….kinda like roaches!

The signs were amazing and I am once again, hopeful for my country and for our way of life.

My parents came to this country (legally!) to escape socialism and I refuse to just let the Obamites walk all over us. I was so happy to see that even those who have enjoyed our freedoms for generations are not taking them for granted!

Thank you for everything you do to keep this country free!

Reader Earl sends a report from Olathe, KS, where an estimated 120 taxpayers came to raise their voices. A few pics:

And in Lafayette, LA, from reader Fred:

In Harrisburg, PA, hundreds more turned out today. And protesters underscored a theme hammered here over the past year — blasting Bush for pre-socializing the economy for Obama:

The event, organized by the Commonwealth Foundation, a politically conservative group, and two local radio talk show hosts, was called the “Harrisburg Tea Party.”

“These are people who believe in limited federal and state government, but who think government has overstepped its limited role in our lives,” said foundation President Matthew Brouillette.

Speakers and participants denounced both Republicans, such as former President George Bush and Sen. Arlen Specter, and Democrats, such as President Barack Obama and Gov. Ed Rendell.

They disliked Mr. Bush’s actions last fall to give federal money to banks that had made poisonous home loans, and criticized Mr. Obama for spending additional billions of taxpayer dollars to prop up General Motors and Chrysler, to help over-leveraged homeowners trying to avoid foreclosure and to help deficit-ridden states with his $787 billion economic stimulus program.

Glenn Reynolds has a good crowd pic from Harrisburg.

Reader Bonnie sends her Harrisburg pics:

Party on!



For new readers who are just learning about the protest movement and want to join, the best organizational resources are Tax Day Tea Party (nationwide April 15 events), Twitter #teaparty, PJTV’s list of upcoming protests, Re-TeaParty (send teabags to Washington and find July 4 events), and TCOT Report. And one more good one: New American Tea Party.


Update 6:23pm Eastern. There’s a big tax revolt protest just underway in Fullerton CA, spearheaded by KFI’s John & Ken. Liveblogging here.

Some of the signs in the crowd:

“Governor Schwarzenegger is a girly man!”

“Recall the Taxinator!”

“No on Poop 1A!”

“Been-A-Dick Arnold”

“How do Politicians Spell Pledge? L-I-E.”

“Born Free, Taxed to Death.”


Twitter user Sugar Jones is livetweeting the protest and reports that Schwarzengger’s videotapes and DVDs were sledgehammered and shredded.

California taxpayers are mad.

A commenter below says there’s a huge traffic jam in Fullerton caused by protesters trying to get to the venue. Packed.

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