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My New Favorite Tea Company
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Eric Odom reports that the Portsmouth Tea Company in Somersworth, NH has volunteered to donate 70 pounds of tea for the Tax Day Tea Party protests scheduled for April 15.

Support the business that support taxpayers!

The Portsmouth Tea Company website is here.

Latest organizational information for Tax Day Tea Party events is on the TDTP blog and TCOT Report.

More from Glenn Reynolds.

Coverage from USN&WR. A commenter left this message:

Ms. Marquandt’s characterization of people who are against legalized plunder by the government as “anti-stimulus” is simply anti-factual. If she’s referring to people being against a massive, pork-laden indebting of our grandchildren, she can hardly be referring to a “stimulus”, can she? Given the stock market’s response?

The scope of the industrial nationalizations, the kneecapping of the productive class, the sanctification of the responsibility-free, and the spectacular lack of ethics of the administration’s nominees—well, what more can one say? The Obamas are simply cocktail-partying and conga-lining while America burns. And throwing in a good dis’ of our old pals the Brits while they’re at it. I’m in awe.

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