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Your Tax Dollars at Work: Bike Paths & Beautification (Plus More Logo-Mania!)
Down the drain.
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Have you checked lately? No need to ask Joe Biden for the, uh, website number. Here’s the link to a chart currently featured on the front page.

It informs you that $799 million of the porkulus money will be spent on “mandatory transportation enhancements.” The website explains: “‘Enhancement’ is a legally defined term for projects such as sidewalk repairs, bicycle paths, and beautification projects. Enhancements do not involve vehicle or mass transit related items.”

Yup, bike paths and beautification. Your federal tax dollars at work.


Yesterday’s porkulus logo Photoshop contest has yielded a bumper crop of new entries. I always say mockery is the best medicine! Thanks for all the submissions.

From Tennyson Hayes:

From Matthew G.:

Rob S.:



DougM’s is at SondraK’s here.

George offers Recovery of the Drunken Soldiers here.

Still my favorite from yesterday:


And from Lumberjack, a new emblem for the Office of Hope Adjustment. Perfect:

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