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Open Thread: C-SPAN, CPAC, Jindal Derangement Syndrome & More
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You can catch me on C-SPAN tomorrow morning at 8am Eastern for about half an hour. Try to phone in if you can get through and provide some balance to the moonbat callers.

After that, I’ll be at CPAC tomorrow afternoon. PJTV’s “Washington Tea Party” panel, part of the Conservatism 2.0 conference, begins at around 2pm Eastern-ish.

Then I’ll be rushing home to make it back in time for my daughter’s horse-riding lesson.



I’ll post tons more Tea Party photos tomorrow from Seattle, Santa Monica, Tampa, Sacto, Houston, St. Louis (1,000+ turnout!), Asheville, and more. But gotta put this one up right now — our friend and photoshopper extraordinaire Tennyson Hayes will love seeing his Schumer-as-Antoinette image (first published here) supersized. Took this one at the DC Tea Party:

Investor’s Business Daily, which covered the first round of anti-porkulus protests in Seattle and Overland Park KS last week, has a good follow-up on the Tea Parties today and notes that several more protests are planned for April 15 and July 4. Stay tuned here.


Open thread food for thought: Left-wing blogs are knee-deep in Bobby Jindal Derangement Syndrome.

Can you believe this?

More here.


One more item: Toby Harnden of the UK Daily Telegraph lists the “top 10 anti-Obama conservatives.”


And one more thought: Folks have asked me to respond to other bloggers trashing the Tea Party movement. I can’t say it better than commenter Wendy Herman of Texas said it here (comment number 11):

When we get our act together, you’ll grace us with your presence? I don’t think so.

I was at the Houston Tea Party today. I drove 4 hours each way to attend. It was truly encouraging to see the 500 people that showed up. There was no big named speaker—there was no big budget—there wasn’t even a band, but there was plenty of enthusiasm for this truly grassroots movement and the opportunity to express our displeasure with the current administration and congressional leaders. We talked, exchanged business cards and plotted out future events. For you to poo-poo the hard work of the three extraordinary people (Felicia, Chealsea & Josh) that busted their backside to pull this gathering off in 6 days is repulsive.

Your elitism and snobbish attitude is not welcome at our party, sir. Let me assure you that when we do have money and are better organized, we will have no need for the likes of you.

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