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A Golden Opportunity to Tell Schmucky Schumer You Care
Oink, oink.
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(Photoshop: Tennyson Hayes)

He went on the Senate floor and derided Americans who care about bailout-mania and porkapalooza.

Now, you have an opportunity to tell Chuck Schumer what you think of his contempt for taxpayers.

Just learned that Sen. Schumer will make an appearance next week in NYC to tout the federal spending spree to business leaders:

WHAT: New York’s senior senator will discuss the financial industry bailout, stimulus package and efforts to impose tougher regulations on Wall Street. He will be questioned by Crain’s editorial director Greg David.


Charles Schumer, United States Senate


Monday, March 2, 2009

8:30 AM


Hilton New York

1335 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY

Bring a bag of pork rinds!

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: Fiscal Stimulus, Pork