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Oprah Channels ACORN
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Oprah has jumped aboard the foreclosure prevention bandwagon — channeling ACORN’s propaganda campaign to support President Obama’s massive mortgage entitlement expansion.

She’s in Sacramento playing the world’s smallest violin for families who bought more home than they could afford and are now paying the consequences.

I am not shedding tears:

“I think it’s wonderful that Oprah and her crew are giving a voice to this crisis,” Steeb said. “The crisis is much bigger than Sacramento, and the bottom line is we need help to serve the huge number of people that we are now seeing.”

Burke said Winfrey’s producers contacted Loaves & Fishes earlier this month, and said they singled out Sacramento because of its high number of home foreclosures and its growing homeless population.

“I told them that we had a system of care that was overwhelmed even before the recession hit, and that we now are seeing more newly homeless people than ever before.”

Soon, a crew was on the way.

Among the “newly homeless” featured in the show will be Favor Whitesides, who is 36 years old and has three children ages 9 to 13.

Whitesides and her husband, Ryan, lost their home last year after they got in over their heads on an adjustable mortgage, she said. She now lives at the Family Promise shelter at Loaves & Fishes. Her children attend Mustard Seed School. Her husband is bunking with friends.

After living in hotels, run-down apartments and at the Cal Expo winter shelter for a time, Whitesides said, she is grateful to have found Family Promise.

But she never thought she would need such a program.

“Not long ago, we had a Lincoln Navigator and a beautiful home. We had it all,” said Whitesides. “It’s really shocking for my kids to be living this way. But they’re resilient. They’ll be OK.”

Whitesides is hardly proud of her situation but said she thought it was important to tell her story. “People need to know that this can happen, and about programs like this,” she said of Loaves & Fishes.

“This” doesn’t just “happen.”

Falling into debt isn’t like bad weather.

You make choices.

You put your family and your children in this position.

You bought a Lincoln Navigator instead of saving up to pay your mortgage bills.

You made it happen.

Fire Oprah. We need a Dave Ramsey intervention here ASAP.

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