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Mesa, Arizona: Anti-Porkulus Protesters Raise Their Voices
Vox populi.
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Seattle. Denver. Now, as I mentioned yesterday, Mesa, Arizona. Those “chattering classes” are everywhere, aren’t they, Schmucky?

With talk radio powerhouse KFYI leading the way, more than 500 protesters showed up to protest President Obama’s spending binges.

What about you?

More than 500 protest Obama’s arrival

With signs in hand, protests await President’s arrival in Mesa

David Crause, 70, Phoenix, held up a sign scrawled with writing that was too difficult to make out quickly. But he left no doubt where he stood as he criticized Obama’s stimulus plan.

“We can’t borrow and spend our way out of a crisis that that got us into,” Crause said.”Free markets work.”Crause said he wasn’t there to see Obama, but to register a protest, saying, “I can see him on TV, and I can shut it off.”

Jack Clark, 50, Gilbert, held a sign taller than he is that protested the stimulus. It read: “Personal Responsibility: RIP 2009.”

Wearing a T-shirt with a picture of the late President Ronald Reagan that said “Right,” Clark said he wanted to give the president a piece of his mind.

“I’m somewhat disgusted by the reaction of the country,” he said of economic stimulus efforts. “A lot of what’s happening here is people being irresponsible.”

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