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"Yes, We Care!" Porkulus Protesters Holler Back Updated
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Scroll for updates…more vid and pic links below…

(From my iphone/twitpic)

(Photo via People’s Press Collective)

Hundreds of taxpayers took time out of their busy day to protest President Obama’s “stimulus” bill-signing in Denver today. Jim Pfaff of Colorado Americans for Prosperity, Jon Caldara and the Independence Institut e, former Rep. Tom Tancredo, and several GOP officials and state legislators spearheaded the event. Count us all among the “chattering classes” appalled at the massive pork and the short-circuited process that paved the way for the trillion-dollar Generational Theft Act.

Why bother? It’s for posterity’s sake. For the historical record. And, hopefully, it will spur others to move from the phones and computers to the streets. Community organizing helped propel Barack Obama to the White House. It could work for fiscal conservatism, too.


Plenty more pics and vid coming. Here a couple of snaps I took of the live pig and the roasted one (not the same pig!):

And more from the People’s Press Collective:


And more from the Seattle protest yesterday from photog Byron Dazey:


More pics from El Marco and here’s vid from El Presidente at Slapstick Politics:

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