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The Sanctimony of Morons
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The House Financial Services Committee dog-and-pony, bash-the-banks theater has just taken a recess.

I’m ready to puke. If there’s one thing more maddening than the private companies that crawled to the feds for a bailout, it’s the bailout Chicken Littles sanctimoniously inveighing against them for spending all the TARP money they forked over in a blind panic without proper strings attached.

Democrat Rep. Nydia Velasquez was barely coherent in her “questions”/monologue on foreclosures and bankruptcy. Democrat Rep. Gary Ackerman launched into class warfare lecture demanding that the bank CEOs tell him how much of their own personal money they gave to their companies.

The politician’s ability to grandstand is inversely proportional to his/her actual knowledge and experience in running a successful business.


Got to go double my airsickness bag…

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: Fiscal Stimulus, Subprime crisis