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And Now: Julio Gets a Job
"I have never felt this good except maybe when I got my Playstation3 for Christmas."
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The savior-based economy comes through again. Obama cult worshiper Julio — the McDonald’s worker in Ft. Myers who complained about his benefits yesterday at the president’s revival meeting — has a new gig.

“I have never felt this good except maybe when I got my Playstation3 for Christmas.”

Then came his interviews with CNN, other networks and local TV stations.

“I couldn’t believe it,” his mother, Sarah, said. “He worked really hard at that. He is like that, he doesn’t plan, he just does it.”

He also picked up another job — if just for a day — as the color announcer for the Fort Myers Miracle baseball team’s radio broadcast for its home opener April 10. The one-day gig typically pays $25, but the Miracle said the salary is negotiable.

“I’ll be ready,” he said about his debut.

After all, Osegueda is studying to be a broadcaster or disc jockey.

Move over, Olbermann. Here comes Julio.

Gracious God!

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