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"the Only Thing Grand About the Grand Compromise Is the Price Tag;" Update: 5:29pm Eastern Cloture Vote Underway; Update: Cloture Vote - 61-36
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Scroll for updates…liveblogging Senate debate…5:29pm Eastern…Cloture vote underway…final roll call vote is here


“The only thing grand about the Grand Compromise is the price tag.” That was GOP Sen. Kit Bond on the floor just now. He says he’ll vote against the Turncoat Caucus plan.

Following him, Sen. Sessions tried one more time to get the Democrat majority to put his bipartisan E-verify amendment up for consideration. He pointed out that the exact same provision passed in the House 407-2.

Democrat Sen. Max Caucus says it would be “prudent to object” — without giving a single good reason the Senate shouldn’t ensure that stimulus money only goes to law-abiding workers.

Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska is defending the Turncoat Caucus plan.

He just called it “lean.”

If the trillion-dollar-spendulus is “lean,” Oprah Winfrey is anorexic.

Update: 5:04pm Eastern. Turncoat Caucus leader GOP Sen. Susan Collins takes the floor. Launches into Chicken Little monologue. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Self-delusional Sen. Collins extols her “bipartisan effort.” Two or three out of 535 on Capitol Hill.


Collins laundry-lists all the spending and concludes again: “Our effort is bipartisan, targeted, and effective.”

No: It’s pork-laden, out-of-control, and irresponsible.

It’s desperate, bloated, and theft.

Kill the bill. Stab it. Stick a fork in it. Then start from scratch.

Update 5:26pm Eastern. Gag. Harry Reid just said America deserves to hear the words, “Help is on the way.” Like Reagan said: Most terrifying words in the English language…

Bullcrap: Reid waves around US Chamber of Commerce endorsement and claims “You can’t find a company anywhere in America that doesn’t support this legislation.”

Update 5:29pm Eastern…Cloture vote underway.

Fun fact from Sen. DeMint’s office:

Senate ‘Compromise’ Stimulus INCREASES Spending in Over 130 Programs

Update 5:53pm Eastern. The cloture vote is done. 61-36. The generational thieves can crow.

Gregg abstained.

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