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Senate's Generational Theft Act Roll Call Vote; Where Was Cornyn? Updated
Triumph of the Turncoat Caucus.
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Here it is, for posterity. Trying to find out why Sen. John Cornyn did not vote:

Triumph of the Turncoat Caucus.



I’ve just e-mailed Sen. Cornyn’s office and asked why he missed the vote.

Heard from a NYC conservative that Cornyn is there now speaking to the Republican “Monday Meeting” group — made up of wealthy GOP donors.

Bizarre display of priorities.

Several Washington Hill folks note, of course, that the number of no votes isn’t important on cloture votes.

But it matters to many of Sen. Cornyn’s tax-paying constituents, who have e-mailed wondering where he was.


Update: This is the response I received from Sen. Cornyn’s office…

“Sen. Cornyn was out of town for a prior committment, but his position is clear – he opposes the stimulus and will vote against final passage.”


Conservatives on Twitter aren’t buying the Beltway blase attitude about Cornyn’s missed vote.

Chuck Rising: “[L]et’s hope he doesn’t have a ‘prior commitment’ tomorrow.”

Brittney Linvill: “Wow. Somebody’s got their priorities backwards.”

Texan Mike Wellman: “I am from Texas. I was already angry at Cornyn’s vote on the Treasury Secretary. I will not vote for him again.”

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