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Savior Holds First Fear-Mongering Press Conference
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The wealth-redistributor-in-chief, his High Holiness, is set to begin his first official prime-time press conference at 8pm Eastern.

Will he go all Howard Dean?

Will he get snippy?

Drinking game buzzwords: “Bipartisan,” “crisis,” “get the economy moving again,” “create jobs.”

Add your own.

Update 8:05pm Eastern. President Obama. “It is only government that can break the vicious cycle.”

Jobs, jobs, jobs. Investment, investment, investment.

Gag. President Obama claims to be acting on behalf of my children and grandchildren.

Stop, thief.

Update 8:13pm Eastern. Obama dissing those who have criticized FDR’s growth-stifling interventions. Attempts to shut down and whitewash the economic dissenters. It’s the Obama way.

8:15pm Eastern. BOHICA. Obama says trillion-dollar porkulus is “just one step.” Mentions Geithner initiatives still to come…here comes the new mortgage entitlement.

8:40pm Eastern. Huffington Post has a seat in the WH press conference room. Nutroots membership has its privileges.

8:58pm Eastern. Obama lectures conservatives: “People need to break out of their ideological rigidity.”

Repeatedly insists that there is no dissent among economists about his porkulus.

I repeat: President Obama, you can’t stifle this dissent.

Ends the press conference: “Thank you, guys.”

To quote Twitter conservative Lea Hendry Valle:”I’ll be holding onto my ideological rigidity until they pry it from my cold dead fingers.”

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