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What Are They Up to Now?
"Desperate always reaps stupid."
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I’m scheduled to appear on FNC’s Neil Cavuto show at around 4:15pm Eastern to talk about Obama’s next big step toward increased government meddling in the housing market. As I’ve been pointing out all week, the GOP’s bone-headed support for a massive mortgage entitlement plan is helping paving the way for this. The WSJ says much of what I’ve been saying in its editorial today.

I love what Dave Ramsey said yesterday on Neil’s show: “Desperate always reaps stupid.”

I want to point out again that only a handful of Republicans voted against the Ensign amendment yesterday. Only two of them — Jim DeMint and Jim Bunning — voted against it on fiscal conservative grounds.

Disheartening news. Ronald Reagan, whose birthday we celebrate today, must be shaking his head up above.

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: Fiscal Stimulus, Subprime crisis