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Nancy Pelosi & Company Yuk It Up While Stimulus Becomes a National Joke
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House Speaker Nancy “Know Your Math” Pelosi is at the Washington Press Club Foundation’s dinner tonight along with other Beltway lawmakers.

Lots of MSM types Twittering the event, including Roll Call and WaPo’s The Sleuth. From all reports, it sounds like Pelosi and company are yukking it up. Glad they can laugh while they and their colossal failure of a “stimulus” package have become the biggest joke in America.

Pelosi apparently joked that times are so tough at the NYTimes that when Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner gets a call from the paper, he doesn’t know if it’s a media inquiry or a bailout request.

She also made fun of President Obama’s ears, saying his e-mail address is “I’m all ears at”

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar made a joke that would have had Rush Limbaugh boycotted by GLAAD if he had made it. She quipped: “I raised $17,000 from ex-boyfriends. Barney Frank holds that record in the House.”

And the Sleuth at WaPo adds that she overheard Pelosi saying she “wants to pee on the Washington Times.”

Stay classy, Nan.

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