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My Housewarming Gift for President Obama
The blanket with sleeves!
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After news of Barack Obama’s cranked-up thermostat eco-hypocrisy came to light this week, I got to thinking. What could we do to help our president? What could we do to show our patriotism, reach across the aisle, and help the White House save energy during these frigid 100 first days?

I thought of crocheting him a sweater, but I just don’t have the time (or stomach) to convert this pattern:

Fortunately, there’s a less time-consuming alternative out there to cope with sub-tropical temperatures. You’ve seen the ad on TV a million times:


It’s the blanket…with sleeves. One size fits all. Perfect for keeping the president’s bulging pectorals warm while allowing him to free up his hands for important household tasks — like signing new tax hikes on the poor into law.

The next time President Obama is photographed in his shirt sleeves in the overheated Oval Office this winter, I’m hitting send on my order form…

Maybe they can make personalized Snuggies adorned with a mini-patch of everyone’s favorite presidential seal:

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