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Say a Prayer for Hannah
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Last month, many of you joined in sending Christmas wishes to little Hannah Garman, the beautiful 4-year-old girl diagnosed with a rare, incurable brain tumor in October. Hannah’s mother died of cancer two years ago. Her community in Ephrata, Pa., spread word of Hannah’s wish to receive as many Christmas cards as possible. The nation responded with an outpouring of love.

Reader Greg, a firefighter in Lancaster, forwarded me an update from Hannah’s aunt, Michelle Reiff. Your prayers are needed again:

My name is Michelle Reiff, but to Hannah Garman, my little 5 year old niece, it is Aunt Shelly. I am writing this email hoping it gets mass emailed as quick as the benefit emails and all the other emails did….so I am asking all of you to please forward on to all your contacts, friends , family, anyone and everyone. You have all proved how amazing you are at coming together for a good cause and I thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart. I am asking just one more simple thing and the most important.

Today, we received news that the doctors said there is nothing more they can do for Hannah, that she hasn’t responded to chemo or radiation at all. The tumors have actually grown. They told her dad to just enjoy every day we have with her and that this brain cancer is so aggressive that they’re not even sure how long we may have with Hannah.

…I am asking for you to pray for the manifestation of the miracle of healing we have all been praying for to now begin to show itself to us. I believe that the power of prayer is huge, and God said if we ask, we will receive, but the biggest part, is we have to believe it has already been done. So now, we must claim her healing and watch for its manifestation in Hannah’s little body. No matter what signs I see, I will trust that God is still healing her. He has the attention of so many people all around the world right now with little Hannah and I know good things will continue to come from this.

I know the only way God doesn’t answer prayers like this the way we have come to him and asked is if he already knows there is something he doesn’t want Hannah to either go through or has already gone through and chooses for her to come home to him and be with her Mom in Heaven.


But he tells us to stand and pray without ceasing. And he will do the rest. But if you don’t ask, he can’t give. So, please , I’m asking all of you to stand with me as we all ask God to now show us that he is the ultimate healer and ultimately it is his choice but in us asking, he is wanting to give us what we ask for but we also have to believe he has already given to us.

Hannah’s CaringBridge site is here. Hannah’s dad, Darin, has a journal entry this morning:

I had a very good visit with Hannah today. We just took it easy & watched Dora movies all afternoon. I had to make a McDonalds run shortly after I got there. Hoping for a good nights sleep for her & my parents tonight.


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