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Honeymoon's Over: Democrats Start Grumbling About Generational Theft Act of 2009
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It’s dawning on a few fiscal conservative Democrats that Obama’s Generational Theft Act of 2009 is a bad, bad idea.

NC Dem. Rep. Heath Shuler makes his misgivings public:

Shuler, who twice voted against the $700 billion bank rescue and the bailout of the Big Three automakers, said he could support a stimulus package only with certain assurances.

“This can’t be a Christmas tree,” Shuler said. “It can’t be the pet projects of the House and Senate.”

Shuler said the money must go toward infrastructure construction and the expansion of broadband Internet access throughout the country. The bill should focus on job creation, he added.

“We want people to work,” he said. “We need to be building bridges. We need to be laying infrastructure.”

But Shuler said the price tag of the stimulus package is high, and he is concerned about returning fiscal responsibility to Washington. He is a member of the fiscally conservative Democratic Blue Dog Caucus and was recently elected whip of the group.

Democrat Sen. Kent Conrad is also grumbling:

Senator Kent Conrad, a North Dakota Democrat, said his committee projects the plan will reduce the unemployment rate by “maybe” 1 percent, or about half of the 3 million jobs Obama has said the plan would generate.

Let’s hope more Dems can help change the course of this juggernaut.

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