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Feel the Post-Racialism: "My President Is Black, But His House Is All White"
"No more white lies, my president is black!"
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Here’s the Hollywood inaugural celebration you didn’t see splashed all over TV: Rappers Young Jeezy and Jay-Z crazily cursing their heads off and screaming “Nigga” this and “Nigga” that as a crowd goes wild to Jeezy’s national anthem: “My President Is Black.” I wrote about the race-based song after Election Day here.

Jay-Z adapted the spiteful, race-obsessed lyrics to commemorate his man Barack Obama’s ascension to the throne (language warning). Can’t you just feel the post-racialism?:

(Hat tip – KMBExpert on Twitter)

MTV reported:

All hail the chief! Young Jeezy made immediate impact his first night in D.C.: Jeezy debuted a remix of the hip-hop national anthem right now, “My President.” Not too long after T.I. performed at D.C. club Love, the Snowman took to the stage for his “Presidential Status” inaugural ball — and his guest on the new version of “My President” was Jay-Z.

“My president is black, he’s black, he’s half white/ So even in a racist mind, he’s half right/ So if you got a racist mind, it’s alright/ My president is black, but his house is all white,” Jay spit a capella as the DJ pulled the music for his verse.

“No more white lies, my president is black!” Hov finished, as the crowd in the club repeated his last line over and over again.

Like Maya Angelou said, Obama is “president of the bigots.” All of them. Right, Ms. Angelou?

As a public service reminder, here are the original lyrics of the song:

Yeah Be The Realest Shit I Never Wrote

I Aint Write This Shit By The Way Nigga

Some Real Shit Right Here Nigga

This Will Be The Realest Shit You Ever Quote


My President Is Black, My Lambo’s Blue

And I Be God Damn If My Rims Aint Too

My Momma Aint At Home & Daddy Still In Jail

Tryna Make A Plate Anybody Seen The Scale

My President Is Black, My Lambo’s Blue

And I Be God Damn If My Rims Aint Too

My Money’s Light green And My jordans Light Grey

And They Love To See White Now How Much You Tryna Pay

Lets Go!

{Verse 1}

Today Was A Good Day Hope I Have Me A Great Nite

I Dunno Wat U Fishin For Hope U Catch You A Great White

Need I Say Great White Heavy As Killer Wales

I Cannot Believe This Who Knew It Came In Bails

Who Knew It Came Wit Jail Who Knew It Came With Prison

Jus Cuz You Got An Opinion Does That Make You A Politician

Bush Robbed All Of Us Would That Make Him A Criminal

& Den He Cheated In Florida Would Dat Make Him a Seminal

I Say And I Quote We Need A Miracle

And I Say A Miracle Cuz This Shit Is Histerical

By My Nephews And Nieces I Will Email Jesus

Tell Him Forward To Moses And CC: Allah

Mr Soul Survivor Does That Make Me A Konvict

Be All U Can Be Now Dont Dat Sound Like Some Dumb Shit

When You Dogged Of Crew Orders Black As My Nigga Boo

It’s Really A Desert Storm Thats Word To My Nigga Clue

Catch Me In Las Vegas, A.R. Arizona

Rep For Them Real Niggaz Im Winnin In California

Winnin In Tennessee Hands Down Atlanta

Landslide Alabama On My Way To Sevana


{Verse 2}

Woke Up This Morning Headache THIS BIG!

Pay All These Damn Bills Feed All These Damn Kids

Buy All These School Shoes Buy All These School Clothes

For Some Strange Reason My Son Addicted To Polos

Love Me Some Spinach Dip Im Addicted To Use This

And If The Numbers Is Right I Take A Trip Out To Houston

A Earthquake Out In China A Hurricane In New Orleans

Street Dreams Tour I Showed My Ass In New Orleans

Did It For Soulja Slim Brought Out B.G.

Its All Love From The Beginnin You Pimp C

You Know How The Pimp Be

That Nigga Go’n Speak His Mind

If He Could Speak Down From Heaven

He Tell Me Straight All My Crimes

Tell Him Im Doin Fine Obama For Mankind

We Ready For Damn Change So Ya’ll Let The Man Shine

Stuntin On Martin Luther Cuz Im Feelin Just Like A King

Guess Dis Is Wat He Meant Wen He Said Dat He Had A Dream



History, Black History

No President Ever Did Shit For Me

Had To Hit The Streets Try To Flip Some Keys

So A Nigga Wont Go Broke

Then They Put Us In Jail Now A Nigga Cant Go Vote

So I Spend Dough All These Hoes Is Trippin

She Aint A Politician Honeys A Polotician

My President Is Black Rolls Golden Charms

22 Inch Rims Like Hulk Hogans Arms

When Thousands Of People Is Riled Up To See You

That Can Arouse Ya Ego You Got Mouths To Feed So

Gotta Stay Tru To Who You Are And Where You Came From

Cuz At The Top Will Be The Same Place You Hang From

No Matter How Big You Can Ever Be

For Whatever Fee Or Publicity Never Lose Your Integrity

For Years Theres Been Surprise Horses In This Stable

Just Two Albums In I’m The Realest Nigga On This Label

Mr Black President Yeah Obama Fa Reel

They Gotta Put Ya Face On The $5000 Dollar Bill



So Im Sittin Here Right Now Man

Its June 3rd Haha 2:08 Am

Nigga I Wont Say Win, Lose Or Draw

Man We Congratulate You Already Homie

See I Motivate The Thugs Right

You Motivate Us Homie

Thats What It Is, This A Hands On Policy

Ya’ll Touchin Me Right

Yeah 1st Black President

Win, Lose Or Draw Nigga Haha

Matta Fact You Know What It Is Man

Shouts Out Jackie Robinson

Booker T Washington Homie

Oh Y’all Aint Think I Knew That Shit!

My President Is Black

I’m Important Too Though!

And you wonder why some of us don’t believe MLK’s dream has been completely fufilled…


A Beltway liberal journalist thinks America’s racial atmosphere is “less poisonous” than it was in the late 80s and early 90s. Homie, please.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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