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More Schlock: Team Obama Peddles a $20 Inaugural Poster
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Will the money-grubbing never end? How are we supposed to “Be the Change” when he keeps taking our change?

Inaugural Committee

Dear Friend,

To celebrate Barack Obama’s historic inauguration, graphic artist Shepard Fairey has created an unforgettable limited edition poster.

Make a donation of $20 or more to receive your official inauguration poster.

Your Shepard Fairey Inauguration Poster

You can also make a donation of $35 or more and receive two posters — one to keep and one for a friend.

This will be the most open and accessible Inaugural in our nation’s history. And thanks to supporters like you, it’s happening without donations from Washington lobbyists or big corporations.

Celebrate this historic moment and our first step toward change.

Get your limited edition Shepard Fairey poster today:


Thank you for your support,

The Presidential Inaugural Committee

P.S. — Shepard Fairey also designed a T-shirt, stickers, buttons, and other items for the Inauguration. Check them out here:


Donate now

Wonder if QVC will be hawking this product, too?


Commenter verogolfer: “Well, at least they didn’t offer a government bailout/rebate of $20 for those who buy the silly thing.”

SHHH! Don’t give them any new ideas.

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