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Michelle Obama Wants You!
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Michelle Obama’s latest e-mail call to arms just landed in my e-mailbox. Looks like another way for Team Obama to sign up potential donors for new money-grubbing opportunities — under the guise of “public service,” of course:

Inaugural Committee

Friend —

One week from today, on January 19th, Barack and I will join thousands of people all across the country for an extraordinary day of service.

I recorded a short video to tell you more about this important effort. Please take a minute to watch it and sign up to host or attend a service event near you.

Here’s the vid. While I was watching it, my five-year-old son complained: “Mommy, that’s annoying me.” I know how he feels.

Here’s the new website Michelle’s pimping: Click.

Perhaps it would have been a better idea to make the “Day of Service” the day after the inauguration, so Obama cultists could pitch in and clean up the Capital after all the partying is over.

I can guarantee you: It’s going to be a complete mess.

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