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Nancy Pelosi: Stop Talking About the Cost of the Stimulus!
"This is not your grandfather's public works bill."
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Here we go again. The Chicken Little Congress is back in full swing, repeating the same fear-mongering tactics that brought us TARP and a year full of bailouts.

Nancy Pelosi tells the public to stop obsessing over the pricetag of the Generational Theft Act of 2009. Because, you know, THE PRICE OF INACTION IS TOO HIGH!

Easy for you to say, sister:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pressed top House Democrats on Wednesday to pass massive economic recovery legislation by mid-February, warning that inaction would lead to more job losses and economic pain.

Pelosi emphasized the infrastructure and energy components of a massive stimulus package that Congress and President-elect Barack Obama are fashioning in response to the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. The combined spending and tax cuts of the plan are expected to cost nearly $800 billion.

“While we are not discussing small sums, focusing on the price tag alone ignores the cost of inaction and the real payoff in terms of job creation and increased revenues to our treasury,” Pelosi told the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, according to a prepared text of her remarks.

Noting that the proposal will include spending on roads and bridges, clean energy technologies, expanded Internet access, and modernizing schools, she declared: “This is not your grandfather’s public works bill.”

No, but your grandchildren will be paying for it.


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