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Latinos Turn Up the Heat on Obama: Remember, You Owe Us More!
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On Nov. 18, I noted that Hispanic lawyers were pressuring Obama to make ethnic-based appointments to reward them for their support.

On Dec. 4, I noted that Hispanic groups were whining that the Richardson nomination and the elevation of La Raza official Cecilia Munoz to a White House position were not enough to satisfy their sense of entitlement.

Yesterday, I noted that those groups were grumbling again in the wake of the Richardson withdrawal.

Today, the San Antonio News-Express reports further on the Latino lamentations against Obama:

After the withdrawal of Bill Richardson’s name as an Obama administration Cabinet nominee, Hispanic leaders say they expect the president-elect to name another Latino to head the Commerce Department.

An Obama transition team source said a veteran California congressman, Xavier Becerra, has emerged as the leading congressional candidate to replace Richardson, the Hispanic governor of New Mexico, as President-elect Barack Obama’s choice for a job that will include overseeing the 2010 U.S. Census…

…San Antonio Congressman Charlie Gonzalez said the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, which is meeting in Washington this week, “will be coalescing with other groups on a specific person to recommend” as Richardson’s replacement. He declined to name any candidate.

He said Hispanic groups would strongly push to have a qualified Hispanic named as Richardson’s replacement because of the need to have minorities, especially Hispanics, properly accounted for in the Census.

…“We are going from three Latinos to two on the Obama Cabinet,” said Juan Sepulveda, a San Antonioan who served as the Obama campaign’s Texas coordinator. “While we still have Sen. (Ken) Salazar and Rep. (Hilda) Solis at Interior and Labor, respectively, Richardson would have been the highest-ranking Hispanic in the cabinet.”

It would have been the first time that three Hispanics would serve as Cabinet secretaries at the same time, he said.

Three Latinos — current Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and former Housing and Urban Development head Mel Martinez — served in the Cabinet of President George W. Bush, though not at the same time.

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