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New York Guv's Recession Prescription: Obesity Taxes!
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Reason number 99,786 I’m glad I’m not a New Yorker: The Democrat governor is proposing a tax on non-diet sodas — along with a bevy of other tax hikes — to cure the state’s economic ills.


After opposing higher taxes for months as counterproductive, Gov. David Paterson will seek to increase several taxes from gasoline to clothing, as well as make changes in the income tax that will make New Yorkers pay more fix state government’s fiscal crisis.

Although Paterson won’t seek to raise the rates of income taxes, a “broad based tax,” he will eliminate legal exemptions in the income tax that he considers “loop holes” and make further adjustments to make sure all taxpayers are paying their fair share, said Paterson budget spokesman Jeffrey Gordon.

Paterson’s 2009-10 budget proposal to the Legislature is scheduled for Tuesday. That’s a month early, part of Paterson’s effort to get a strong start to cutting spending and increasing revenues to deal with deficits he projects will total $47 billion over three years.

The Democrat also reportedly plans to increase taxes on insurance policies, on non-diet sodas under an “obesity tax,” reviving the state sales tax on clothing, and changes in funding of hospitals and health care providers that could shift more health costs on individuals and employers.

Lawhawk has more on the NY guv’s planned spending binge.

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