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High Noon: 5 Senate Republicans Announce Filibuster Support
Stand up and fight.
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At noon Eastern today, five true maverick Republicans will announce their support of a UAW bailout filibuster in Washington.

Senate sources tell me GOP Sens. Shelby, Ensign, and DeMint (as I noted yesterday) will be joined at the press conference by Sens. Vitter and Coburn. Our own Gang of Five! Loins fully girded.

Sen. Vitter will be on the Senate floor at around 11am Eastern to report that he “will use every procedural tool possible to defeat” the latest version of the bailout bill.

Which, by the way, is unavailable at this moment to the American taxpayers who will be paying for it.

Another Senate source tells me “Senate Republicans have been expecting the latest language, but Congressional Democrats haven’t shared it outside their caucus. The White House probably has the text, but they haven’t shared it” either.

There’s your open government for you.

More via the Senate Conservatives Fund:

Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) announced today that he will work to block the bailout legislation for the Big 3 automakers and the UAW union. As the head of the Republican campaign committee, Ensign knows how badly the Wall Street bailout hurt Republicans in the November elections.

Conservatives should expect the President to cave and support some version of a bailout. The White House prefers to have the automakers fail sometime after the President leaves office, even if it costs taxpayers more money and costs Detroit more jobs. But it’s still not clear what position Senate Republicans will take. If there was ever a time to oppose the President and go their own way, this is it.

Sen. Ensign’s courageous decision is a positive sign. He was recently elected to head the Republican Policy Committee and his opposition to the auto bailout holds significant weight.

Senate conservatives are set to announce their plans to stop the bill at a press conference on Wednesday. They are going to buy some time so Americans can make their voices heard. Government bailouts have become commonplace in Washington and it’s time for Americans to demand change we can all believe in.

And via Bloomberg:

Senator Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican, would support an effort to filibuster the bill, his spokesman said earlier today. “He believes it’s naive to trust Congress to manage the auto industry when it can’t manage itself,” said Coburn spokesman John Hart.

Support the Republicans who support conservatism. And ask your GOP congressional representatives where they stand:



Allah’s got vid of the presser here.

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