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Bill Ayers Watch: Holiday Auction Dinner with Terrorists!
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Just thought you might be interested in what Barack Obama’s friendly neighborhood terrorist is up to these days.

Reader Tom B., a student at Florida State University, e-mails: “Our Student Government passed a resolution tonight allocating $5000 of the University’s money to pay William Ayers to speak at our school under the guise of ‘education reform.’ Obviously he was chosen for his radical views and ‘activist’ fame, and I thought it was definitely newsworthy that a state school is giving money to a terrorist to spread his radical agenda. Hope you can help us college conservatives get the word out!”

Meantime, a community organizing group in Illinois lists some of its holiday auction items, including:

–Dinner for 4 from Bill Ayers at Bill and Bernadine’s house, starting at $30.

Proceeds benefit AREA Chicago, a grassroots activist/research organization committed to social justice.

Second Annual “Wants and Needs” Auction to Benefit AREA Chicago

December 6th, 2008 7-11pm; 511 N. Noble St.

$10 donation, or $20 for admission and a T-shirt

To RSVP or pre-pay for admission, e-mail [email protected]

(Cost of admission includes one complimentary drink.)

Molotov cocktails, perhaps?

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