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Obama Admits: I Was Just a Random Campaign Quote Generator
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Here’s your quote of the day in case you missed the press conference this morning. Responding to reporter Peter Baker’s question about his mockery of Hillary Clinton’s tea-sipping foreign policy inexperience during the campaign, Barack Obama basically admits that his words were, well, just words.

(And as his Secretary of State nominee reminded us during that campaign, some of those endless strings of words, words, words weren’t even his own.)

In other, ahem, words: Barack Obama was nothing more than a random campaign quote generator.

B-b-b-but it’s the media’s fault for quoting them back then and for resurrecting them now.

Straight from the mouth of The One (vid via Allah):

Partial transcript:

This is fun for the press to try to stir up whatever quotes were generated during the course of the campaign, and you’re having fun. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m not faulting it. But, look, I think if you look at the statements that Hillary Clinton and I have made outside of the heat of a campaign, we share a view that America has to be safe and secure, and in order to do that we have to combine military power with strengthened diplomacy.

Words. Just words.

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