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Conservative Women + Fur Coats = More Liberal Hatred
"Neo-Con Barbies."
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Over the past several years, I’ve had fun participating in the annual Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute calendar. CBLPI is a terrific organization run by tireless Michelle Easton, who leads the group in keeping Clare Boothe Luce’s legacy alive and “reaching out to women all over the nation to prepare them for effective conservative leadership.” This year, the CBLPI team picked a “Pretty in Mink” theme for the calendar:

The Players

Miss January — Kellyanne Conway

Miss February — Star Parker

Miss March – Susan Phalen

Miss April – Nonie Darwish

Miss May – Mary Katharine Ham

Miss June – Michelle Malkin

Miss July – Amanda Carpenter

Miss August – Sandy Liddy Bourne

Miss September – Ann Coulter

Miss October – Kate Obenshain

Miss November – Miriam Grossman, M.D.

Miss December – Clare Boothe Luce

The Crew

Produced and Directed By: Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute

Hair and Makeup By: Paul Mitchell The School and David Rios

Furs Provided By: Miller’s Furs

Photography By: KochFoto

ABC News is carrying the calendar photos on its website — which has some left-wing blogs predictably up in arms (We’re “Neo-Con Barbies!” ). The calendar has also served as a handy excuse for assorted moonbats to show their conservative female-bashing colors. (Don’t click on those links unless you’re wearing your hip-waders.)

It’s a light-hearted calendar for conservatives by conservatives. Yes, wearing fur. Gasp! And make-up. Horrors! For the folks out there with Conservative Calendar Derangement Syndrome, here’s my prescription: Get over it and go back to ogling The One’s tight jeans and Michelle O’s backside. You’ll feel better in the morning.


You can order the calendar here. College students can get a discount here.



(Just fyi, the traffic figures cited in the bio on the ABC site and calendar are way out of date.)

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