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Bush Vows to Continue Pre-Socializing the Economy for Obama
Mission accomplished.
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Not content with the failed legacy of the Bush-Kennedy No Child Left Behind Act, the massive Medicare prescription drug coverage expansion, and the past year’s worth of mortgage “rescue” debacles engineered by his Naked Emperor Treasury Secretary, the lame duck GOP Spreader-of-Wealth-in-chief defends Citibailout — and threatens us with even more behemoth bailouts before he relinquishes office.

Words fail me:

President Bush argued Monday that the government’s dramatic rescue of Citigroup was necessary to “safeguard the financial system” and help the economy recover, and he said there could be more such moves if other institutions need help.

Bush said he approved the action, recommended by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, while flying back to Washington on Sunday evening from meetings in Peru with Pacific Rim leaders. He said he also spoke with President-elect Barack Obama on Sunday night, part of what he has promised will be “close cooperation” between his administration and the Obama camp.

Referring to the Citigroup rescue, Bush said, “We have made these kind of decisions in the past. We made one last night. And if need be we will make these kind of decisions to safeguard our financial system in the future.

How many times have I said it before?

God save us from bipartisanship.

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