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Friday Night Open Thread
Water cooler.
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Random musings:

*I picked up multi-talented radio/TV phenom Glenn Beck’s “The Christmas Sweater” tonight after bawling my eyes out the other day listening to him talking about it with his callers. He’s touched a nerve nationwide. It just hit #1 on the NYTimes best-seller list. Congrats!

*The other day in our chat on PJTV, Glenn Reynolds raised the idea of a conservative blogger conference. I said I thought it was a fine idea so long as fresh, new faces on the Right were included — and not just the same old ones. What do you think? Leave your feedback in comments or e-mail.

*The Obama daughters will be attending ritzy Sidwell Friends, the same exorbitantly expensive private school that Chelsea Clinton attended. I’ll have more to say about this later, but for now I’ll make these quick observations: The “security” card is a canard. Amy Carter went to public schools and the Secret Service handled it just fine. Some parents choose their kids’ schools based on which ones will give them the best education possible. Other parents choose the schools that will give their kids the proper social status they’ll need to win David Brooks’ approval. Did you ever have any doubt about which category the Obamas would fall into? Terry Jeffrey has more.

*Jeff Goldstein weighs in on the wisdom (or lack thereof) of including statist Mike Huckabee in discussions of the future of conservatism. I think it can be useful, in the same way watching that show “What Not To Wear” is useful.

*One more: Stacy McCain lays into panting smarty David Brooks.

Have at it.

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