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Gagging Pro-Lifers in New York City
Zoning out free speech.
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You can stand in front of a church yelling “Mormon scum,” but if you pray in front of a taxpayer-subsidized abortion clinic, watch out.

Emily L. e-mails:

I thought you might find this interesting. NYC is considering legislation to create a 15 foot buffer zone between abortion protestors and the clinics. The legislation would also enable the clinics to press harrassment charges against protestors, even if the patients don’t wish to pursue charges. This is one opinion piece about the proposal: link.

Even more interesting was the flurry of Letters to the Editor sent to the Daily News today. This is from Planned Parenthood:

Free choice protected

Manhattan: Let’s not confuse freedom of speech with blanket permission to harass, stalk, intimidate and verbally abuse. The Council’s Clinic Access Bill is an important piece of legislation that would not only protect health care centers’ rig ht to operate, but ensure the physical and emotional safety of all who walk through our doors. As one of the leading providers of reproductive health care in New York City, we see the daily impact of anti-abortion extremists blocking our clients’ and staff’s path.

Joan Malin, Planned Parenthood of N.Y.C.

Perhaps the various businesses, restaurants, and churches in California could borrow the wording found in the NYC proposed legislation and use it to stop the Anti Proposition 8 terrorists who are using such violent tactics to get their point across. Surely no liberal would have a problem with this measure being used to protect the conservative members of our society as well as those who wish to exercise their right to choose? The people who contributed to the passing of Proposition 8 were also exercising their rights, after all.

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