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Data Mining for the DNC, But Not for National Security
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Can the Democrats’ “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” file get any bigger? Thanks to Jeff Poor at the Business and Media Institute, we now know that the Democratic National Committee is employing the very data mining techniques to build its party base that Democrat leaders have assailed when used by the Bush administration to prevent terrorist attacks.

Data mining for the DNC, but not for national security:

What’s in your wallet? Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean would like to know.

Dean and Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan were speakers at a luncheon at the National Press Club Nov. 5, where both reflected on what went right and wrong with their efforts during the 2008 election cycle.

Dean revealed his party used credit card data to predict voting outcomes. However, Democrats and the media have been highly critical of credit card companies that provide that data.

“We now can do what they can do,” Dean said. “We have your credit card data like they do. They’ve been for years doing something that we, until 2006, weren’t able to do. We can predict with 85 percent accuracy how you’re going to vote based on your credit card data without bothering to see what party you’re in – the Secretary of State’s office.”

“They’ve been doing it for a long time,” Dean said of Republicans. “No wonder we’ve been throwing rocks at the bottom of the well. These guys – we can argue about how well they run the country, but they certainly know how to run elections.”

Dean’s admission that his party is using credit card data in elections is curious because a plank in the Democratic Party’s 2008 platform vows to regulate that very instrument through a “Credit Card Bill of Rights”…

Snooping to further partisan goals: Good. (Just ask Joe the Plumber.)

Snooping to investigate those funding and furthering jihad: Bad.

But oh, don’t you dare question their patriotism.

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