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The One Ascends; McCain Concedes
He is the change he's been waiting for...
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Well, it’s official. Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States. Fox and NBC have called the race.

It’s a historic moment.


Here’s my promise to you: As long as I can still publish a blog and speak my mind openly about the next denizen of the White House, I will.

First order of business: He can now change the “0” to a “1.”

Second order of business: Will he bring the Greek columns out for Inauguration Day?

Commenter Valiant: “Third order of business: De-brand the GOP of McCain and the idea that we need a RINO because ‘he can win.’ Never again.”


11:26pm Eastern. McCain concedes: “I will not spend a moment regretting for a moment what might have been.” Mention of Sarah Palin gets the loudest applause.

11:43pm Eastern. A few general notes on tonight’s outcome:

*Obama’s popular vote total is a lot smaller than most polls showed.

*The Senate GOP massacre was not as bad as expected. Still waiting on Minnesota and Oregon and a few others.

*The ballot initiatives are a bellwether. Gay marriage and racial preferences are electoral losers. (Update: Nebraska civil rights initiative passes; too close to call in Colorado.)

*Pandering on amnesty did not help McCain. In California, McCain won a whopping 16 percent of the Latino vote. (Update: now 21 percent.) By comparison, Pete Wilson managed 23 percent of the Hispanic vote in 1994 (the same year the much-loathed Prop. 187 passed).

Democrats won the White House, but they do not have an unfettered mandate for left-wing policies across the board.

Republicans need to learn from their losses. First step: Don’t put the same old, same old capitulationists and re-branding pimps in leadership positions.

You know the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.


President Bush congratulates Obama: “Awesome.”

12:01am Eastern. Obama is giving his victory speech in front of more American flags than ever. Congratulates McCain and Palin.

Oh, man. He just thanked The Vice President-Elect of the United States, Joe Biden, and The Nation’s Next First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Oh, man.

He thanks his daughters (who will get a new puppy) and his other family members.

Thanks David Plouffe and David Axelrod.

“The challenges that tomorrow will bring are the greatest of our lifetime.” Here we go: mortgages, college education, saving the planet. “Our climb will be steep.”

But don’t worry, Peggy, you’ll get your gas and bills paid!

12:11am Eastern. Obama addresses opponents: “I will be your president, too.” Then he turns to his real constitutency: Citizens of the World. “There’s a new dawn in America.”

Fidel Castro applauds.

Obama’s now leading a creepy, cult-ish “Yes, We Can” call and refrain.

Obama declares it the new national creed.


Last word to Bill Whittle, who puts things in proper perspective, as always.

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