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Election Night: Counting the Votes Colorado, Virginia Called for Obama
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Photo credit: reader Dane

I’m starting a fresh thread for the night. Just a reminder that you can catch me on PJTV sometime during the 8pm-9pm Eastern slot.

Scroll for rolling updates…


The Real Clear Politics electoral map is here.

McCain takes Kentucky and W. Virginia; Obama takes Vermont.

Military ballots will be counted in Virginia, thank goodness.

Democrat Mark Warner has taken the Senate seat in Va.

Stay tuned…


8:15pm Eastern. NBC has called Penn. for Obama. Take it for what it’s worth…

So much for those bitter, clingy racists, eh, Barry O?

McConnell hangs on in Ky. Elizabeth Dole appears to be out in NC.

I can tell you this much: The Senate Republicans need a wake-up call. We need fresh, conservative leadership. McConnell had his chance.


8:22pm Eastern. Virginia is still too close too call.

NH to Obama.

8:42pm Eastern. Hearing that Georgia is going in the McCain column…

8:52pm Eastern. Sununu loses his Senate seat in NH.

9:19pm Eastern. Minnesota and Michigan go for O.

GOP Sen. Saxby Chambliss hangs on in Ga.

Fox and others have called Ohio for Obama.

10:55pm Eastern. Both Denver papers are calling Colorado for Obama. Also calling Democrat Udall the winner in the Senate race.

Virginia called for Obama.

Writing’s on the wall, folks.

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