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AP Writer Jennifer Loven's Drool Cup Overfloweth
Caution: Obamedia at work.
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Jennifer Loven of the Associated Press isn’t just in the tank for Obama.

She’s drowning in her drool cup.

See if you can get through this slavering piece about The One’s 18-hour workdays without retching:

A snapshot of one day on the trail with the 47-year-old Illinois senator, taken exactly two weeks out from Election Day and nearly 21 months after he began his campaign, reveals what a grind it is to seek the presidency. It also displays the ways that this campaign by the first black man with a clear shot at the White House is no ordinary one.

The day was 18 hours of nearly hyperkinetic activity, of meals jammed in between appearances, relaxation coming only in the form of hushed conversations with foreign policy gurus or campaign staff while ESPN played in the background.

Up before dawn, Obama dashed across south Florida and finished the day in a bed in a Virginia hotel after midnight.

In between, he led a 95-minute discussion of the economy with several governors and a former Federal Reserve chairman while 1,700 people looked on; spoke to 30,000 at an outdoor rally; grinned for untold numbers of photos with cops, caterers, drivers, campaign volunteers and others; shook hundreds — if not thousands — of hands; and gave 13 interviews. He alighted in nine locations across seven cities and two states, not even idle during transport: burning up the miles on the phone, in staff meetings and schmoozing with politicians on his bus.

Loven can barely restrain herself from panting over Obama in his gym clothes as other groupies have done (flashback: “He didn’t even sweat!”):

Bypassing his luxury hotel’s gym, Obama was driven more than six miles, in a motorcade of seven vehicles accompanied by at least two dozen motorcycles, to a strip mall’s Planet Fitness. Wearing his workout uniform of gray T-shirt and black sweat pants, he spent 25 minutes walking a treadmill and lifting weights.

As with everything he does, his workout attracted a crowd. People gawked at him through the gym’s plate-glass windows while fellow exercisers asked for his autograph. Planet Fitness employee Natalie Aguirre said workers thought the Secret Service agents who arrived ahead of the man they have code-named “Renegade” were businessmen trying to sell something — or joking. When Obama actually appeared, “I didn’t know what to say what to do,” the 21-year-old said.

“He was really just a normal person,” Aguirre said.

Keep pushing the cult narrative, Obamedia:

Obama ordered and paid for two plastic bags of food from the deli counter, a half-pound of whitefish salad, some Nova lox, bagels and cream cheese, latkes and three black-and-white cookies, and wandered around the restaurant tables. As he worked the unruly rope line that had formed outside, his security again jostled with the pulsing crowd.

One man, his face incredulous, yelled into a phone: “Yes! I’m only five feet away from him!”

Orgasm complete:

After saying goodbye to Michelle, who was spending the next day in Florida, he spent the bus ride to the airport in phone consultations with campaign staff back in Chicago, as baseball clips flashed on the giant flat screen. He spent the flight to Richmond, Va., with foreign policy advisers who were traveling with him ahead of a high-profile meeting scheduled for the next day.

Bedtime: 12:30 a.m.

“What an extraordinary day,” he had said earlier in Miami, shaking his head as the sun set over the sea of people.

Loven’s left-wing bias is such a running joke in the blogosphere she’s known as AP’s Democratic Operative.

She’s got her front-row seat in the Obama White House briefing room guaranteed.

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