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Code Pink Evacuates from Berkeley
Going, going, gone.
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They vowed to kick the Marines out of Berkeley.

But they’re the ones cutting and running.

I mentioned the Code Pink retreat from the Berkeley Marine recruiting center last month. Now, they’re holding a moving sale to evacuate their Solano Ave. office:


Including their sorry, pink-clad backsides.

We must close our CodePINK office, 1248 Solano Ave., Albany. Come to our EVERYTHING MUST GO Moving Sale from noon until 7:00pm Tuesday Oct 28th thru Thursday Oct 30th!

All the office furniture, display cabinets, tschotkes, and all the wonderful outdoor furniture and fixings as well – not to mention CodePINK memorabilia and merchandise – will be on sale!

Come get your treasure and help us close this part of our chapter.

Na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye…

(hat tip – zombie)

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