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Update: Voter Fraud House Ballots in Ohio Will be Canceled
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News is just breaking in Columbus that the 1213 out-of-state Democrat activists who registered to vote (and 5 who cast votes) in Ohio — despite having no ties to the state and no intentions to reside there — will have their ballots canceled.

You can thank the young reporters at Palestra for rectifying these wrongs, not all the high-powered, deep-pocketed credentialed MSM investigative journalists who looked the other way at Voter Fraud House. In a just world, Palestra would be lavished with public service journalism awards.

The elite left-wing activists — Rhodes Scholars, Marshall Scholars, and Truman Scholars among them — argue that they were simply “confused” about state residency requirements. No charges will be brought against them. Voter fraud violators can be charged with felony in Ohio.


It’s a three-letter acronym for get-out-of-jail. (A four-letter acronym if you’re Joe Biden.)

Some details:

At least 12 voters who listed the same east side address on their voter registrations will not have their ballots counted, the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office announced Thursday.

No charges would be filed in the case, according to press release.

According to the release, the voter registrations in question had been canceled, and the absentee ballots would not be counted.

Last week, prosecutors opened an investigation into the voters after they each listed a home on Brownlee Avenue as their address on voter registrations, 10TV News reported.

10 Investigates later learned that the voters were members of “Vote From Home.” Part of the group’s mission involved registering voters and taking them to polling locations.

At least one of the volunteers told 10TV that he came to central Ohio to recruit voters, but did not plan on a long-term stay in the state.

“A lot of us have family in New York,” said volunteer Daniel Hemel. “(We) come from New York; we’re graduate students. Most from Oxford in New England and we’ve been living in Ohio for the summer.”

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’ Brien said he had made contact with some members of the group. He said they appeared confused about Ohio law.


Ace of Spades is waiting for the cries of RAAAAACISM! Well, where are they?

Gee, I wonder what policy Ohio officials are attempting to advance regarding vote fraud?

They’re nice white kids from good families. Charges are only appropriate in cases of black lower-class ACORN workers. You know — the no-account coloreds who really don’t matter and who don’t have fancypants white dads with lots of money and white pull.



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