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Ayers to Keynote University of Nebraska-Lincoln's 100th Anniversary Celebration
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You won’t believe the title of Bill Ayers’ keynote lecture, scheduled next month, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln:

“We are each other’s keepers.”

UNL prof Gerard Harbison is disgusted:

I’d just like to be the first to express my utter disgust at the actions of my employer, UNL, in inviting this sorry excuse of a human being. Bill Ayers is a man who preached the murder of policemen; but he did not simply preach; he made a practice of planting bombs and murdering his fellow Americans. He then gloated when he got off on a technicality, and on 9/11/2001, in the New York Times, was quoted as saying he wished he’d done more. He has never repented for or repudiated his actions; indeed, his current career seems to be an attempt to continue ‘the struggle’ by other means.

This single act dishonors 100 years of Nebraska teacher education, and soils all of us who work at the university.

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