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Ohio Prosecutor Investigating Voter Fraud House
Vote From Home hoaxers.
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Early this morning, I told you about the suspicious houseful of out-of-state Democrat activists studying abroad who registered to vote, received absentee ballots, and in some cases, voted despite dubious residency and having no plans to return to Ohio — first reported by Shelby Holliday and Tiffany Wilson at

Now comes official word that the Franklin County prosecutor is investigating 13 of those activists from Vote From Home:

Amid new allegations of voter fraud, the Ohio Secretary of State conceded today that the eligibility of nearly one third of newly registered voters is in question.

The latest developments raising questions about the integrity of this battleground state’s voting system came 18 days before the Nov. 4 presidential election:

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner said a preliminary review showed that 200,000 of the 666,000 voters who registered since Jan. 1 must have their eligibility verified to comply with a federal court order.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien confirmed that he is investigating alleged voter and registration fraud involving 13 newly registered voters who came to Columbus for a get-out-the-vote campaign and used the same address, a small East Side home.

The Ohio Republican Party requested information about newly registered voters from elections boards in all 88 counties to look into reports of fraudulent voter registration.

Elections officials across the state said they fear chaos if they must verify the validity of thousands of newly registered voters in the busy days leading up to the election.

O’Brien told The Dispatch that he is investigating allegations that 13 out-of-state residents recently registered to vote, all claiming to live at 2885 Brownlee Rd.

The individuals apparently were in Columbus working for Vote From Home, a group working to increase young-voter turnout in Ohio and using the house as their base of operation, O’Brien said.

“None of the people who registered had prior contacts with Columbus and Franklin County,” O’Brien said. “You must be a resident of the state of Ohio in order to register and cast a ballot, and that’s the issue being examined – whether they were proper residents of Ohio.”

Two of the individuals voted in person at Veteran’s Memorial while a third returned a completed absentee ballot by mail, said Matt Damshroder, deputy director of the Franklin County Board of Elections.

Another seven using the address requested absentee ballots by mail, but it is not yet clear if they have submitted them. Three others registered but did not request an absentee ballot or participate in early voting.

Election fraud is a fifth-degree felony with a maximum sentence of a year in prison and a $2,500 fine.

Shelby has an interview with the Franklin County prosecutor here.

I would add that authorities need to be investigating the Vote From Home activists’ tax activities as well.

Since these activists have declared themselves residents of Ohio, they will probably need to pay taxes to both Ohio and the U.S. Department of the Treasury on their scholarships.


For Ohio residents, retirement income, pension income and annuity income are taxable regardless of where received by the taxpayer. For example, a full year Ohio resident who spends part of the year in Ohio and part of the year in Florida and who receives a pension is liable for Ohio income tax on the entire amount of the pension received during the taxable year. This is true regardless of the location where the taxpayer worked in prior years to earn the pension…. Part-year Ohio residents are persons who changed their permanent residence from or to Ohio during the taxable year. A person whose residence is Ohio but who spends several months outside Ohio during the year is not a part-year resident but is a full-year Ohio resident. For part-year Ohio residents, retirement income, pension income and annuity income received while a resident of Ohio are taxable.

I sent the following e-mail to the Vote From Home media contact:

from Michelle Malkin

to [email protected]

date Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 12:05 PM

subject media inquiry


This message is for Marc Gustafson, Daniel Hemel, Heather Halstead, Jennifer Kyle, and Greg Nolan.

According to and my own research, all of you are registered to vote in the state of Ohio at the same Brownlee Ave. address.

1) As residents of Ohio, when do you expect to return to Ohio?

2) As residents of Ohio, you are required to pay taxes on educational scholarships. Have those of you currently on scholarship filed quarterly tax returns? If so, when? If not, when do you plan to do so?


Michelle Malkin

No response.

Meanwhile, fraud-friendly Democrat Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner acknowledged that some 200,000 voters appear to have driver’s license numbers or Social Security numbers that do not match info on their voter registration forms.

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Tues day that Brunner must give those mismatched names to county elections boards so they can verify eligibility.

Brunner said that she wants more time to comply with the court’s ruling so she can give local boards information needed to contact questionable voters in the most efficient way.

“We are asking the court for a little bit more time, probably into the beginning of next week,” Brunner said prior to a speech at the National Press Club in Washington.

Looks like someone needs to spend more time at home cleaning up the mess and less time yammering in D.C.


Ace has more on the 200k mismatches.

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