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Dutch Youth Socialists Traveling to US to Campaign for Obama
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Netherlands blogger Michael van der Galien reports that a group of young Dutch Socialists will be flying here to campaign for Barack Obama:

… I received an e-mail I found quite interesting. The Jonge Socialisten asked me whether I would like to travel to America with them shortly before the U.S. elections in order to do ‘research.’

Now, before readers will think this would be a great opportunity for me to visit the country I write about so frequently, the trip had a specific partisan purpose despite it being described as ‘research’: They would travel to the United States to campaign for Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee for the presidency.

In fact, one of the demands of potential applicants is that they need to have a “great affinity with the Democratic Party and Barack Obama.”

Van der Galien offers some sound advice:

Perhaps these ‘Jong Socialisten’ should stop trying to influence the elections in other countries and, instead, do their best to fix the problems they created in this one.

Maybe they’ll hook up with the Obama Youth Marchers, Obama Children’s Chorus, and Obama Children’s Paraders.

Or stop by an ACORN office in Ohio and get registered to vote!

Every [socialist] voice counts in Obama World.

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