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Liveblogging the Town Hall Debate: Zzzzzzzz
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I don’t have any prizes to give away, but you get Special Bonus Points if your insipid question suggestion gets asked tonight.

As for drinking game proposals, I recommend taking a swig every time Tom Brokaw inserts his two cents after the citizens ask their questions. Apparently, the two campaigns agreed that he wouldn’t be allowed to do so — but he has since balked and said he wasn’t privy to the memorandum of understanding.

Second drinking game variation: Drink when Obama ties Bush to McCain again.

Here we go…

9:01pm Eastern. Tom Brokaw is on. He is as orange as an Oompa Loompa. Sen. Obama won the coin toss.

First question: Alan Schaefer. “What’s the fastest way to bail these people out?”

Obama gives his standard blame Bush, blame greed screed.

Expands bailout for the middle-class, fix health care, energy, blahblahblah.

Sen. McCain: “Americans are angry, upset, a little fearful…I have a plan to fix this problem. It’s got to do with energy independence, keep Americans’ taxes low…packages of reforms.”

Will he or won’t he talk Fannie/Freddie?

Prepare to be disappointed.

“We’re going to have to do something about home values…for retirees…I would order Treasury Secretary to renegotiate home loans.”

Oh, dear.

HE WANTS TO EXPAND THE BAILOUT. He wants to do what ACORN wants to do.

We’re Screwed ’08.

He wants to make housing unaffordable to responsible, careful people.

I think I’m going to throw up.

What did I tell you? Yes, I called it:

It would be wise to dramatically lower your expectations of this debate. The town hall format lends itself to the worst pander-style, personal sob story politicking.

McCain is yammering about “greed and excess.” Nothing about Obama/Fannie/Freddie.

9:10pm Eastern. Obama is free to bloviate about his bogus tax relief plans Obama says “McCain is right” again about the housing loan modification proposals. Great. They agree: ACORN rules!

Next questioner: Oliver Clark asks the same question about how the bailout is helping people out.

Here we go: McCain mentions Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Mentions that Obama was second biggest recipient of Fannie/Freddie. Fannie and Freddie were the match that started this forest fire.

Goes back to his “stabilization” proposals.

Sorry, Mac, that’s not enough. He forgot to mention Jim Johnson, ACORN, etc., etc.

Obama attacks McCain as a “deregulator.” Obama puffs up his letter-writing “reform” efforts. Weak. “I never promoted Fannie Mae.”

McCain gets no follow-up.

Brokaw inserts his two cents. Take a swig. “Are you saying the economy is going to get much worse?”

Obama: “We’re going to have to coordinate with other countries” on further action.


Same question to McCain: “I believe it depends on what we’re going to do.”

He REPEATS his idea of buying up bad loans so people can renegotiate.

Next question: Teresa Finch. “How can we trust either of you when both parties are responsible” for this mess?

Take another drink. Obama’s just blamed Bush again.

9:21pm Eastern. McCain’s answer involves touting his work on “climate change” with Joe Lieberman.


Next drinking game: When McCain says “reaching across the aisle.” Go. He’s saying a whole lot of nothing.

And another one: Take a swig every time he repeats Joe Lieberman’s name.

He keeps talking about earmarks — but, um, not about the ones he and Obama approved as part of the Crap Sandwich 2.0.

Obama’s talking about prioritizing spending. Blech.

Brokaw chastises both candidates about their time limits.

First Internet question: What sacrifices will Americans have to make?

McCain talks about eliminating government programs.

“We have to eliminate the earmarks.”

Except all the ones he just supported in the Crap Sandwich bailout!

9:30pm Eastern. Obama’s turn. He brings up 9/11. As a “tragedy.” Not as a murderous, evil attack by jihadists. But a tragedy.

I remind you of Obama’s compassion for the jihadists.

Drink up. He took another shot at Bush for telling people to shop and conduct business in the face of the 9/11 attacks.

Leadership from Obama: He recommends people weatherize their home.

No word about those tire gauges.

Brokaw: How would you break bad habits of too much debt and too much easy credit?

Obama: Yes, we’ll have to cut spending, but a scalpel, not a hatchet.

McCain: “Nailing down Obama’s tax proposals is like nailing Jello to a wall…likens Obama to Hoover…I am not in favor of reducing taxes for the wealthy…pitches $5,000 refundable tax credit for health care…”

9:37pm Eastern. Obama wants to break the rules he agreed to and respond to McCain. Brokaw stammers. He’s going to read the next question…no, he’s going to ask his own question: Will you give a date certain on reforming entitlements.

Obama won’t guarantee a date. Then segues back to his rejoinder to McCain on taxes. More anti-greed stuff from both candidates.

Back to citizen questions: Ingrid Jackson asks McCain about “climate change and green jobs.”

Prepare for more disappointment, people.

Drink, drink: “Joe Lieberman and I” kept on this issue.

At last, something I can support: McCain pushes nuclear energy, assails Obama for his opposition.

9:47pm Eastern. Brokaw is lecturing the candidates again about the time limits. Obama blames McCain.

9:48pm Eastern. McCain goes after Obama for his pork-laden energy bill vote. McCain says he’ll vote against the earmarks.

Except all the ones he just supported in the Crap Sandwich bailout!

Next question: Lindsey Trella. “Do you believe health care should be treated as commodity?”

Obama launches into his I Will Heal All stump speech.

McCain repeats his $5,000 tax credit idea. He made a hair transplant joke that no one laughed at. Cringe.

Brokaw question: Is health care a privilege, right, or responsibility?

McCain: “I think it’s a responsibility.”

Obama: “It’s a right.”

Well, finally, a stark, unequivocal difference between these two.

9:57pm Eastern. I feel like watching the Palin/Biden debate again. How about you?

Obama is rolling right over Brokaw. And Brokaw is letting him.

Question: Phil Elliott. “How will all the economic turmoil affect our ability to act as a peacemaker in the world?”

I am so sure this dude is “undecided.”

10:01pm Eastern. McCain lays into Obama’s failed judgement on foreign policy. “We don’t have time for on-the-job training, my friend.”

Obama is back to Bush-bashing. Drink. Now, we’re just rehashing last week’s debate.


McCain-Bush, McCain-Bush.

Sarah Palin was so much more effective at defusing this talking point in her debate.

McCain is doing…nothing.

Except: “My friends, my friends, my friends, my friends.”

McCain says he’ll bring home troops in victory and honor, Obama would bring them home in defeat.

Citizen questioner Katie Hamm asks about Pakistan.

McCain attacks on Obama’s invade Pakistan remarks.

Obama wants a follow up, in violation of the prior agreed-to rules.

Brokaw gets rolled again: “I’m just hired help here.:”

Obama: “You’re doing a good job, Tom.”

In. The. Tank.

Obama recycles “Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” and annihilation of North Korea talking points. Like I said: This is just a rehash of last week’s debate.


10:23pm Eastern. Brokaw wants a yes or no: Is Russia under Putin an evil empire.

Obama blabs for 45 seconds without a yes or no.

McCain: Maybe. It depends on their behavior.

Terry Shirey, retired Navy chief. Question is about support for Israel. Would you be willing to commit to troops if Iran attacks Israel or would you wait for UN Security Council?

McCain thanks Shirey for his service. “Obviously, we wouldn’t wait for UN Security Council.”

Obama promotes sanctions.

10:30pm Eastern. Brokaw saves the most insipid question of the night for last from “Peggy in Amherst:”

“What don’t you know and how will you learn it?”

Obama immediately launches into his Dreams of My Father biography spiel. Talking up his mom again. Food stamps. Mentions Bitter Half Michelle Obama and the American Dream.

The stupid-meter is broken.

McCain ignores the question and gives his same wrap-up statement as last week: Country first.

10:34pm Eastern. Obama and McCain step in the way of Brokaw’s teleprompter.

One last whine from Tom: “You’re in the way of my script.”

Crikey. Thank goodness, this torture is now over.

11:16pm Eastern. I’m forcing myself to watch some of the post-debate commentary.

Disaster: Mitt Romney apparently wasn’t made aware of McCain’s new $300 billion housing entitlement plan. And Fred Thompson could barely muster up enthusiasm for McCain.

No mention of Ayers. No mention of ACORN. Not even the feeblest attempt to expose Obama’s radical roots.


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