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PDS Alert: Media Women Attacking Baby Trig Again
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Reader Cheryl watched a fresh Palin Derangement Syndrome outbreak on The View this morning: “Barbara Walters said on today’s View (October 6th) that Sarah Palin having her baby at the debate ‘bothered her.’ UN-REAL.”

And letters are rolling in about another case of Trig-related PDS yesterday on Fox News, of all places.


This morning I was watching Fox News Live, and they had guest Liz Trotta on dissecting Palin’s debate. At the very end of her comments she made this comment. “One other note…the image of dragging that handicapped infant around and having IT on stage has caused consternation in some quarters as to how tasteful this is” I was completely DISGUSTED with her comment! She claims she was just trying to show what others were saying, but to me it sure looked like she shared the opinion. Palin can’t win. If she doesn’t have her kids with her, she’s being a bad mother, and if she has them onstage she gets criticized too. But what really bothered me was calling that precious baby “IT”. Of course liberals would have just aborted IT…

Karen Goetz

Auburn Wa



Good Morning! On Fox News this morning, Eric Shawn was interviewing Liz Trotta regarding Palin’s debate performance. He was thanking her for her thoughts, and she looked down (at notes?) and asked if she could add one more thing. She then made the following statement…

“the image of dragging that handicapped baby around, having it up on stage…that has caused consternation in some crowds…”

It was an absolutely outrageous personal attack and had nothing to do with the context of the interview.



I was shocked to hear Liz refer to Trig as an “it” and was promptly corrected that he is not an it but a baby, their baby boy that they love. It was appalling. She owes us all an apology, esp those with special needs. Personally it blesses me to see Trig with his family, they all obviously love and adore him. It means alot to those who have special needs children in their families that the Palin’s do not hide him, he is an important person in their family. Have not noticed this in any blogs today. What’s up? Discrimination of the lowest upon the most vulnerable should not be tolerated. If she had said this about Obama’s kids, she’d be called a racist. There I feel better now. Yes I complained to Fox News also, I believe it was Eric Shawn who corrected Liz.

Lynette in Oceanside, CA


Photoshop: David Lunde

Two more for you…

From football PDS to baseball PDS:

The Red Sox, of course, can extended that streak to seven tonight at Fenway Park by sweeping the Los Angeles Angels, who at the moment look more overmatched than Sarah Palin in a ninth-grade civics course.

And PDS has spread to comic books now, too. Tales From the Crypt spreads the Palin-as-book-banner lie:

Tales From the Crypt’s issue #8, shipping later this month, is a slightly more complex (if not obvious) example, depicting Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin wielding a hockey stick at EC Comics’ iconic horror narrators the Crypt Keeper, the Old Witch and the Vault-Keeper, while she asks: “Didn’t we get rid of you guys in the 1950s?” It�s a sentiment regarding Palin that’s expanded on in an interior editorial by Cathy Gaines Mifsud, the daughter of William Gaines�original publisher of EC Comics and Mad Magazine. In the editorial Mifsud links the issue’s cover to queries Governor Palin made to a librarian while the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, regarding the possibility of removing controversial books from the public library (no books were actually removed from the library).

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