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Choking on Crap Sandwich 2.0: Bush Says "We Don't Want to Rush" (!!!!)
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I am going to break 8.0 on the LMAO Richter Scale.

President Bush just gave a brief statement on the Dow and had the nerve to say this:

As global markets plunged, President Bush on Monday said “it’s going to take awhile” for the government’s $700 billion financial rescue plan to bolster the troubled U.S. economy.

Bush said the purpose of the package was to unlock the nation’s credit freeze “to get money moving again.” But, he added: “We don’t want to rush into the situation and have the program not be effective.”

“We don’t want to rush into the situation and have the program not be effective.”

We don’t want to rush?

We don’t want to rush?

That was exactly the message of bailout opponents on the left and right who didn’t want to be bullied by Bush’s wrong-headed Treasury Secretary.

That was exactly the message of fiscal conservatives who wanted to slow the bailout train down, take time for hearings, consider all alternatives, and listen to those with experience around the world watching past massive, bank bailouts fail so that whatever the government adopted would be effective.

If the Dow were up, Bush and the bipartisan bailout mob would be happy to crow and take all the credit for it.

Now, they tell us they DON’T WANT TO RUSH after putting a gun to the head of American taxpayers to fork over $700billion/$850billion/$1 trillion-plus for a bailout that WON’T BE ENOUGH.

How’s that Crap Sandwich tasting now, people?


Commenter astonerii: “How true, how true. I thought the whole point of the bail-out was that it would take time for other measures to take effect, but the bailout was going to be immediate because it was all psychological, and we needed to make people ‘believe’ and this would ‘change’ the direction.”

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