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Palin-Basher Sandra Bernhard Loses Gig Over Gang-Rape Joke
Actions. Consequences.
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Lesson for “comedian” Sandra Bernhard:

If you joke about Palin being gang-raped by black men, you might turn off even your most ardent supporters.

Actions have consequences, via Life News:

Comedian Sandra Bernhard has lost her slot as a keynote speaker for a women’s shelter in Massachusetts after attacking vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin on abortion. In a monologue criticizing the Alaska governor, Bernhard made crude comments about rape that cost her the gig.

The comments came in a one-woman stand up show Bernhard did last month in Washington, D.C.. During the event, Bernhard said Palin would be “gang-raped by my big black brothers” and the comments came in a diatribe against Palin’s pro-life views.

Bernhard was supposed to be a featured speaker at the October 16 event “Funny Women … Serious Business” put on by the Boston-based Rosie’s Place, a domestic violence shelter for women.

Public relations director Leemarie Mosca told AP about the cancellation and said the comments were offensive to many of the victims the shelter helps as well as its staff and volunteers.

“In light of our mission, we don’t think violence against women is a laughing matter,” she said.

Bernhard whining about “Stalinist” stifling of “dissent” in 3, 2, 1…

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