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Whoopi to McCain: Do You Want Me to be a Slave Again? (Video Added)
Liberal women gone wild.
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Scroll down for added video…Whoopi to McCain: “Should I worry about being a slave?”

Did you watch “The View” (or rather, “The Spew”) today. I didn’t. I’m trying to watch my blood pressure. Many readers did tune in — and watched in disbelief and disgust as the hysterical liberal women gone wild derided Sarah Palin and grilled John McCain, who made a guest appearance with his wife.

The e-mail is coming in:

Hey Michelle! Did you catch the view today? Seriously who listens to these women? And did you catch Whoopie’s question if she should be concerned about becoming a slave again because John Mcccain would want judges who judge based on the Constitution?! Seriously! She should be ashamed.

Is she trying to portray him a racist?! And if you watch the whole interview watch her facial expressions and posture. She looks like a 14-year-old, slouching, rolling her eyes. Ugh! Like when they were looking at his tape of being set free and he was telling them what he was feeling at the time, she looked like she was so bored. I bet if Obama was there and that was him being set free she would have sat straight up and cried. I really hate this election. I don’t understand why people have to be so nasty to someone they don’t agree with!

Signed a fellow south jersey gal

Reader Brent H.:

I hope either you or the guys over at HotAir can get up some clips of McCain on The View from this morning. Walters, Goldberg, and some of the other were absolutely hysterical. They were rude, interrupted him frequently, asked loaded questions then yelled at him for not answering they way THEY wanted.

McCain was great, took it all in stride. Cindy McCain came on later and was flawless. The contrast between the class of the McCains and the unhinged attacks being thrown face-to-face is very illustrative.

Reader Katie in Charlotte:

Hi Michelle,

I am a faithful reader and I’ve been watching your blog very closely over the past few weeks. Thanks for everything you do!

I’m watching The View (why I put myself through this – I don’t know) and the ladies are talking about Sarah Palin’s Charlie Gibson interview. It was their first hot topic of the day.

Their first comments on the interview: “She was obviously very well briefed.” Not that she did a good job, but that she was well briefed. Would anyone in the media say that Obama is well briefed on the issues? Doubtful, they would say he knows the issues. Even if that is not the case!

I’d like to see Joy and Barbara describe the Bush doctrine succinctly. Bill Sammon was on Fox discussing how that term has different meanings to different people, and Gibson should have known that. This show drives me nuts – way to be all for women, ladies.

Just wanted to share my thoughts with you!


Class vs. crass. It’s the emerging theme of this campaign.


Update: Here’s the vid clip…


Speaking of crass: How about that Pamela Anderson telling Sarah Palin to “suck it?”

Nice Hollyweird role model there, eh?

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