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What the Hell Is the Matter with the New Republic?
Targeting Track Palin.
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Track Palin, 19, enlisted in the Army last year. This week, he is headed to Iraq. Gov. Sarah Palin flew to Alaska last night to see him off. She will speak ahead of his deployment. He will be gone for a year.

So, what is The New Republic obsessing about as the teenager prepares to fight for our country on the seventh anniversary week of 9/11?

Track’s “temper.”

What the…?!?!?!?!

So much for leaving the children alone.

Maybe they’ll put Scott Thomas Beauchamp on special assignment to cook up fake stories to slime Track Palin while he’s serving overseas.


In other P.D.S.-related news, the NYPost asked me to weigh in with a special Lipstick Diary column. You can find the piece here.

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