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Hold Their Feet to the Fire
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I’ve had the privilege of attending the annual “Hold Their Feet To the Fire” immigration enforcement event in Washington, D.C., in the past. Couldn’t make it this year, but plenty of conservative talk show hosts from across the country were there to put border security back on the front burner.

This year, talk hosts from across the country led by Roger Hedgecock of KOGO-AM in San Diego and Lou Dobbs of United Stations Radio Network and CNN, will broadcast live for two days on Capitol Hill to counteract the special interests attempting to set an amnesty agenda for the new Congress and the next Administration. “Talk radio will represent American interests in our Nation’s Capital at a critical time and provide people all across the country an opportunity to make their voices heard on immigration. And as immigration is a critical national security issue, Hold Their Feet to the Fire will coincide with the seventh anniversary of 9/11,” said Roger Hedgecock of KOGO- AM radio.

“Powerful special interests are now in full force pushing for amnesty and foreign guest workers with no regard to the plight of the American worker, wages, or a deteriorating economy,” said Dan Stein, President of the FCTF. “The politicians aren’t talking about it. Radio talk hosts representing millions of listeners will, and their collective voice is a voice that roars.”

Read more here. The family of teenager Jamiel Shaw, murdered by an illegal alien sanctuary beneficiary in Los Angeles, spoke out as part of the event.

Barack Obama and John McCain, meet the Shaw family.

And the Bologna family.

And the parents of 3-year-old Marten Kudlis, who buried the toddler killed by an illegal alien revolving door beneficiary yesterday:

About 150 people packed the Fairmount Cemetery Chapel this morning to pay respects to 3-year-old Marten Kudlis, who died tragically last week while at an ice-cream store in Aurora.

“Oh, my God, Marten, this is the last thing I ever wanted to do with you,” shouted his father, Marat, as the tiny wooden casket was lowered into the ground. “I love you so much.”

Rabbi David Zucker of Shalom Park told the gathering: “This is a parent’s worst nightmare, but we will wake up and realize this is not a dream,” he said.

Marten had gone with a 10-year-old friend and his mother to play at Lowry Park on Thursday evening. Then the group stopped at the Baskin-Robbins store at South Havana Street and East Mississippi Avenue for a treat.

A high-speed collision in the intersection sent a vehicle crashing into a transformer. A jagged piece of metal flew through the ice-cream shop, killing Marten…After the burial, Marat Kudlis told the gathering, “I have no words. I am depressed out of my mind. Hopefully, none of us will ever have to go through something like this again. Ever.”

Hold their feet to the fire. They knew:

Aurora authorities alerted U.S. immigration officials in April that Francis Hernandez might be an illegal immigrant, Aurora police spokesman Bob Friel said Monday.

But the feds didn’t detain Hernandez. He remained free, despite 16 prior brushes with the law. And on Thursday, Hernandez, 23, allegedly broadsided a truck in Aurora, killing three people, including a toddler.

The tragedy has many in the community demanding answers.

Why wasn’t Hernandez – who immigration officials said Monday they believe is a Guatemalan national here illegally – deported long ago?

Why, after 16 arrests, wasn’t he behind bars?

…Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said they have no record of Aurora contacting them April 25, when Hernandez was arrested in Aurora for speeding and driving without a valid license.


“He’s never been referred to ICE before (the Thursday triple fatality),” said ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok. “He has routinely been giving various aliases and places of birth,” Rusnok added. Given that he provided bogus information, “it’s understandable why (local law enforcement agencies) may not have suspected that he was an illegal alien and therefore did not refer him to us.”

But Friel disputes that. In fact, Aurora police made more than 2,500 referrals to ICE last year, but ICE responded only “a fraction of the time,” Friel said.

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