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Massive Crowds, Missing MSM; Update: More Photos Added
Photo truth.
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The same Obamedia cultists in American newsrooms who didn’t miss an opportunity to tout The One’s ability to draw massive crowds are AWOL when it comes to showing America the massive crowds turning out for McCain-Palin. (Nothing on the front page of the WaPo website; no crowd shots included in the WaPo “Day in Photos” gallery. And, of course, zippo on the front page of the NYT website.)

Reader Norman Bercasio attended the big rally in Fairfax, VA today and has posted a beautiful gallery of pics here. A small taste to give you an idea of the rocking scene:


More: Reader VT e-mails…

I am just writing to say that I was at the McCain – Palin Rally in NoVA today, and I think the pictures on your site don’t really do the crowd size justice. I was there and it honestly seemed like there were more than 23,000 people there.

I took shuttles from the mall to the site and we were told that the shuttles were moving 800 people to the site every fifteen minutes. They started running at 7:45 AM and continued to run until after the event had started.

The buses dropped people off at the end of the security line which was consistently between 2 and three people wide, and stretched along the side of the nearby roads for nearly a mile. (The line actually went down Lee Highway and then wound through the nearby neighborhood)..I heard some people never even made it into the park.

The pictures don’t really do the attendance justice. The crowd did reach all the way back to Lee Highway from the stage. I’ve attached a couple of pictures, which again don’t do the crowd size justice, but I believe show a more accurate picture of what the rally was like. BTW, the pictures are of only those people who stood behind me, and I did not make it past the first set of metal fences that surrounded the stage.


Byron York reports more on the scene you won’t see on the front pages:

If you’ve been to Barack Obama’s big public rallies, you know it’s not unusual to see lines of people stretched for block after block after block — seemingly mile after mile after mile — waiting to get in. That hasn’t usually been the case with John McCain’s rallies. Until now.

When McCain and running mate Sarah Palin appeared this morning at Van Dyck Park, in the city of Fairfax, Virginia, the people spilled out of the natural amphitheater, over the sides, out the back, and nearly all the way to the Old Lee Highway. The rally had originally been scheduled for Fairfax High School, but some school board members objected. With controversy brewing, the McCain campaign moved the event to the park. It was a good idea; the high school facility could handle 6,500 people, which would have been a huge crowd in pre-Palin days. But today, the school wouldn’t have been nearly big enough. After the rally, McCain officials told me 23,000 people had been there. Even if that estimate was a little high, it was still McCain’s biggest rally ever — and that, at mid-morning, on a weekday.

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